Connecting Stretcher For operation room


분류: Medical devices/Anesthesiology and Respiratory Devices
제품 설명: Item: LS-1C SIZE:3650mm X 640mm X 640/970mm High quality Aluminum marterials as the main structure,one time automatically pressed. High strength alloy aluminum marterials for the track ,to increase steady and reliability. The two single-stretcher can be lift up/down easily,to let the two sigle-strecher come to the same level.steady slide. It can be locked automatically when the bed slide to any single stretcher,any there is an insurance equipment. Direction wheel,easily operated only by one person. Central-control brake wheel,to make it steady. Central control braking system in every single-stretcher,reliable and staedy during the movement or connection Its functionn and structure all come to the international modern level,can satisfy to the requirement
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