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Shandong Weigao Group Medical Polymer Co.,Ltd. Shandong Weigao Group Kanglida Medical Products Co.,Ltd (KLD Medical) is a professional manufacturer, exporter and raw material supplier of Surgical Sutures in China. Our main products are full serials of U.S.P Sutures covering Polyglycolic Acid, PGAR ,PGLA 910,PGCL,PDO ,Chromic Catgut, Plain Catgut, Silk, Nylon, Polypropylene, Polyester, Absorbable Beauty Suture ,Absorbable laparoscopic trap suture ,Suture needle and raw materials suture ,Catgut Cassette ,Silk Cassette suture, PGA casette suture ,Nylon Casette etc. We also provide the Disposable Syringes and Surgical Blades etc other products under the leadership of Shandong Weigao Group. Our factory was setup in 1983, we are a earliest company to professional develop and market Surgical Suture in China. Our company formally with a registration capital 8,000,000Rmb, with a staff member of 131. The max manufacturing ability is 500,000 pieces sterilized packaged Surgical Sutures every month. "KLD Medical" has been making efforts to develop and improve the Surgical Suture by high-quality products, sound prestige and initial spirit since it was established. We have international market famous brand "KLD", "KANGLIDA" and "CHUNLE". Today "KLD Medical" has became to be the medical products manufacturing and exporting base of China. Our customers distribute wide around world including: Asia, Middle East, Egypt, Germany, Russia, South America and so on. We are willing to do our best for the modernization of international Surgical products

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