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Disposable Small-volume Injection Pump

Disposable Small-volume Injection Pump
  • Brand Name : Jianqun
  • Category : Others
  • Place of Origin : Jiangxi, China
  • Description :
  •  Specification:Highest Volume     Persistent dosage     Automatically Controlled Dosage

                                100ml                   2ml/h                        0.5-1.0 ml/h

     Product Description:This product has a bursa made of imported silicon rubber by special process, tensile force of which offers power to the pump. By high technology, the dropping speed-control micro pipes, which are governed by a switch, control the flow rate of continuous feeding to achieve the purpose of medication with the least effective and safe dosage evenly. If necessary, it can increase pre-set small dosage automatically to reach best effect of easing the pain.


    1)Drive bursa ensures the stability of the flow with its high intensity, excellent elasticity, even vertical and horizontal spreading rate and balanced release of pump power. The liquid bursa also has penetrating function, able to expel air bubbles of small quantity within 1-2 hours automatically.

    2)Controlling pipe of dropping speed, as tested by high-precision instrument, controls the flow stably, the flow speed accuracy within 10%.

    3)The filter adopts the most advanced film-filtering mode at present in the world, able to filter bacteria and corpuscles, etc and thus process safer transfusion pain ease.

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