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Control System with Memory (RYCB-SCRYCB-SC)

Control System with Memory (RYCB-SCRYCB-SC)
  • Category : Medical devices/General Hospital Devices
  • Specification: RYCB-SCRYCB-SC
  • Supply Ability : Negotiation
  • Description :
  • Explanation: 1. With memory function control system, compatible with HDSET-02 type, but it can not be changed for using if the control box is different. SC-H is compatible with HDSET-02HSC-J is compatible with HDSET-02-J. 2. Each movement drove by one actuator, the same movement is driven together by two actuators because the system unable to check-up the accurate position, it is unable to work normally. 3. SC control box must be compatible with actuator which has position sensor. Model NO.: RYCB-SCRYCB-SC Productivity: Negotiation Unit Price/Payment: Negotiation Company: Ningbo Runyes Medical Instrument Co., Ltd.
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