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Control box

Control box
  • Brand Name : Runyes
  • Category : Others
  • Place of Origin : Zhejiang, China
  • Specification: RYCB-SC
  • Description :
  • The runyes control box series are developed for systems with a need to run up 1-5 actutors,memory function is available. The effective toroidal transformer and the many features such as battery back up,earth outlet,wet alarm makes the control box suitable for a variety of applications. Control box is available in IP54 and with special software compatible with ACP box, which makes it the perfect choice for advanced hospital beds with special software.Many features and options of the control box makes it further more ideal for computer and work stations, working tables,desks and other applications where programming or parallel drive is need.


    With memory function control system

    Each movement drove by one actuator, the same movement is driven together by two actuators because the system unable to check-up the accurate position, it is unable to work normally

    Must be compatible with actuator which which has position sensor

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