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Mucus Extractor

Mucus Extractor
  • Category : Disposable Medical Supplies
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  • Product Name: Mucus Extractor Item No. WKT35 Size&Volume: 6Fr-18Fr/25ml&40ml Product Description: * Made of non-toxic PVC, medical grade transparent * Be used to obtain mucus specimen for microbiological examination, or aspirate secretion from Oropharynx of new born babies to ensure free breathing. * Suction tube consists of a single channel with open distal end with two side windows * Clear transparent container's capacity 25ml &40ml * External diameter visible on connector with interational color code. * Open tip trimmed smooth by machine * Packed in individual peelable paper-plastic bag * Sterilized by ethylene oxide gas. * Has CE&FDA Cat. NOSpecification & SizeVolumeWKT31-006 6 Fr 25mLWKT31-008 8 Fr WKT31-010 10 FrWKT31-012 12 Fr WKT31-014 14 Fr WKT31-016 16 Fr WKT31-018 18 Fr
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