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Stomach Tube

Stomach Tube
  • Category : Disposable Medical Supplies
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  • Product Description: 1. Made of non-toxic PVC, medical grade transparent. 2. One-way and two-way avalaible; Multi-function Cap available 3. Different tubing hardness available 4. Printed with graduation and radio opaque line throughout the length of the tube for X-ray visualisation. 5. Graduation could be marked as short lines or figures for you choice 6. Open tip trimmed smooth by machine or closed tip by mellting 7 Packed in individual peelable polybag or paper-plastic bag 8. Sterilized by ethylene oxide gas 9. CartonMeasurement: 50x30x35cm(500PCS/CTN) Company: Suzhou Weikang Medical Apparatus Co., Ltd.
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