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Medical Dressing (XS3001)

Medical Dressing (XS3001)
  • Brand Name : xs
  • Category : Disposable Medical Supplies
  • Place of Origin : China
  • Specification: XS3001
  • Standard : ISO9000: 2000
  • Description :
  • 1. Product features: This product divides the conventional type, is made of Non-weaving cloth or plastic film, Pressure-sensitive adhesive, Paper, covering layers. The basic structure consistent with ordinary in size and shape suits in the specific scope of the special use. 2. Apply by post or non-woven fabric and syntonical film. 3. Apply the stick adhesive layer USES medical pressure-sensitive adhesive or zinc oxide and rubber as the main raw materials mucilage manufacturing. 4. The protective apply the parting paper. 5. Kill the bacteria apply Co60 or epoxy ethane. Six: Note: According to the wound size appropriate specifications, such as severe allergic should be discontinued. Packages for the disabled, product within the valid term, disposable use, see small packing seal date. Seven: Method of use: For the effected area for regular disinfection, open the package and opened after the paper with wounds. Eight: Storage methods: Packing sticking should be stored in not more than 80 percent of relative humidity, noncorrosive gas and clean indoor ventilated. More Product Features Trademark: xs Model NO.: XS3001 Standard: ISO9000: 2000 Origin: China Company: Anhui Xiaoshan Medical Meterial Co., Ltd
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