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Medical Face Shield (XS1001)

Medical Face Shield (XS1001)
  • Brand Name : xs
  • Category : Disposable Medical Supplies
  • Place of Origin : China
  • Specification: XS1001
  • Standard : ISO9000
  • Description :
  • Weight Hedging-type Double-sided anti-fog Clear vision Exquisite hand - [product structure] is made of protective slice and frames. [The main performance]This product can effectively prevent the medical personnel in the treatment of inspection, and accepts the splash of pollutants, the face also has good anti-fog function, provides a clear vision for treatment. [ Applicable scope] The scope of the product is widely, used in all kinds of activities in medical which need protection work, the main use in medical treatment activity are: 1. The dental treatment and teeth cleaning and sees 2. The facial treatment; The mouth & fauces 3. Urology bladder 4. Orthopaedic surgery 5. ShaoShangKe bandage debridement 6. Anesthesiology tracheal intubation and canal attracts 7. Operating equipment cleaning 8. Gynecological birth and artificial abortion 9. GongYingShi instrument sterilization 10. The neonatal intensie care unit clinics 11. Surgical debridement and outpatient. 12 sampling the sterilization 13. The production department specimens More Product Features Trademark: xs Model NO.: XS1001 Standard: ISO9000 Origin: China Company: Anhui Xiaoshan Medical Meterial Co., Ltd
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