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May Sun Tech Early from 1987, the founders of maysun whose majorities are medical technology, and some of its key members, have devoted into the marketing work for laboratory instruments and reagents, until in the winter of 1995, maysun was established. Thanks for the modern management system and the strong technology support team, nowadays maysun group has being consisted of by
Maysun technology Co., Ltd.
Maysun Co., Ltd.
Maysun international Co., Ltd.

Contact Info
Company: May Sun Tech
Area: China/Sichuan
Contact: Ms. Alice Qing
Tel: 86-28-81706727
Fax: 86-28-87846716
Web site:
Add: No. 6, Xinhang Road,Hi-Tech Western Zone, Chengdu, Sichuan, China
P.C.: 611731