Transparent Dressing


Classificazione: Disposable Medical Supplies
Descrizione del prodotto:


Waterproof, Aseptic, Breathable, Moisture-penetrable, Hypoallergenic, Proper Viscidity, Ultra-thin, High Elasticity, Transparent


To keep water out thus continue to shower and bath after using; to keep bacteria out thus reduce the infection; to prevent the wound from being rubbed and reduce the pain; to breathe together with skin, provide the moisture condition for epithelial recovery, restrain the generation of crusta and hasten wound recovery; not irritate the wound, reliable for use; not hurt the skin when tear off from the skin; easy to observe the wound directly; suitable for any part of body with good compliance and comfort.


Fixing and covering I.V catheter; preventing and curing minor burns, scald and bedsore; protecting donorsite of the skin; incised wound laceration protection

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