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  • ABS luxurious electric bed

    ABS luxurious electric bed
    Art.NO.E5908AC Product specifications:215*90*50cmMaterial:top Cold rolled sheet,frame and feet made of steel tube,after Non pollution Physic...
  • instrument trolley

    instrument trolley
    Art No.:TQ6040PSMaterial:#304 S.S board, foot and railings made of round S.S tube Description:mute orbit for S.S drawer;two shelves,each wit...
  • ABS folding thrice bed

    ABS folding thrice bed
    Item No.: D1641QA Product specifications:215*90*50cmMaterial:bed board made of cold rolled sheet,frame and feet made of steel tube,after Non...
  • Stainless steel delivery bed

    Stainless steel delivery bed
    Art.NO.�G8276VJ Product specifications:188*58*82cmMaterial:4cm sponge,pvc bed board,bed frame made of top square S.S tube.Description:hea...
  • ward screen

    ward screen
    Art No.:W18050-3DPMaterial:screen made of cold rolled sheet,after Non pollution Physical Treatments,electrostatic spraying; Description:clot...
  • baby cot

    baby cot
    Art.NO.�H075500 Material:TOP pp box,bed frame and foot made of TOP steel tube,after Non pollution Physical Treatments,electrostatic spray...
  • Stainless steel double footstep

    Stainless steel double footstep
    Art.NO.LD802 Product specifications:Package55*7.5*42?Net weight 5.2kg?GW5.4kg?Material:frame made of S.S with rubber on the stool face ; Des...
  • infusion stand / IV stand

    infusion stand / IV stand
    Art. No.: I2111Material:made of S.S tube Description:adjust infusion pole(double sections),4metal hooks;load bearing 20kgs,5 square S.S tube...
  • Stainless steel baby cot

    Stainless steel baby cot
    Art.NO.H3500FV Product specifications:100*70*100cm?Material:net S.S bed board,bed frame,foot,head and railings made of round S.S tube.Descri...
  • Stainless steel examination bed

    Stainless steel examination bed
    Art.NO.Z820500-21 Product specifications:190*60*66cmMaterial:4cm sponge,pvc bed board,bed frame and foot made of square S.S tube.Description...
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