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분류: Medical devices/General Hospital Devices
제품 설명: Item No.S4901CO-d Product size :195*65*50-90cm Material:PP bed board,bed foot and frame made of top round steel tube;after Non pollution Physical Treatments,electrostatic spraying; Description:height adjuste by manual,backrest adjust by spring,direct butt-joint,with 8pcs mute castors,4pcs with brake,PP mobile railings,infusion pole
회사명: Wuyi AnBo Medical Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd
지방: China/Zhejiang
접촉: Larry
전화 번호: 86-579-87293071
문의 팩스: 86-571-87293072
웹사이트: http://www.anbomedical.com
주소: Yu Yuan Industrial Zone,Wu Yi ,Jin Hua City ,Zhejiang Province ,China
우편 번호: 321200