Disposable infusion pump instruction


Классификация: Health Care Products
Описание продукта:

  Product registration certificate:

  Production license: ZSYJX NO. 20080075

  Executive standard: YY0451—2010

  I.【Feature and usage】

  This product is mainly used in the treatment of clinical small quantity continuous feeding, to eliminate or relieve pain of the patients. It is suitable for after operation, gynaecology and obstetrics, malignant tumor and various chronic patients.


  1.Model specifications: CBI+PCA 100×2.0/0.5 mL

  2.Nominal capacity 100ml, nominal flow 2mL, self-control feeding nominal dosage

  0.5mL, self-control feeding interval 15min (see the product label).

  3.Average flow: Within±15%

  4.Instantaneous flow: Within±50%

  5.Effective volume: 94ml

  III.【Method of application and description】

  1.Take the infusion pump out of the sterile packing, remove the protective cap, inject the liquid medicine into the anther sac, remove key pad after exhaustion of the air in the pipe.

  2.This anther sac of the product is made from special medical macromolecular materials with air permeability, small quantity of air (less than 0.5ml) will be discharged itself after 2-3 hours.

  3.After the feeding of medicine, ensure there is no bubbles in the transfusion tube.

  4.The flow rate of transfusion is slightly faster. Can use self-control key based on personal requirement.

  5. The indicated flow rate and transfusion time take distilled water as medium, and are marked at room temperature 18℃~28℃, the actual flow rate is±15% of the value, please carry with you.

  6.Ensure the working temperature should be close to the indicated temperature, thus can get better effect.


  1.This product is disinfected by ethylene oxide, check the packing before use, forbid using if the inner packing is damaged.

  2.Pay attention to the production date (see the seal) and disinfection date before use, the disinfection is completed if the disinfection index strip turns from yellow to red. The effective disinfection period is 2 years, forbid using if exceed the time limit.

  3.Aware of the method of application and function of this product to ensure secure use.

  4.Observe at all times to master the formula and adjust formula times based on personal requirement and degree of safety.

  5.Single use only, discards after use, shall not be reused.

  6.Inject the liquid medicine according to provision, excess injection will affect the result.

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