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disposable anesthesia puncture kit (epidural and lumbar vertebra anesthesia)AS-E/SⅡ

disposable anesthesia puncture kit (epidural and lumbar vertebra anesthesia)AS-E/SⅡ
  • Brand Name : OTT
  • Category : Health Care Products
  • Description :
  • Product registration certificate: GSYJX (Approval) 2012 No. 3660906
    Production license: ZSYJX No. 20080075
    Executive standard: YY0321.1-2009

    Application range and property
    This product is suitable for professional anesthesia, puncture and medicine injection of epidural anesthesia, lumbar anesthesia, epidural and lumbar vertebra anesthesia, nerve hinder local anesthesia, it is reasonable, convenient, safe and effective.

    Method of application
    1. Remove the inner packing from the cut, place it in the center of sterile operating area.
    2. Unfold the dressing, wear medical gloves, utilize the equipment in the packing based on the actual requirement.
    3. Avoid the disinfectant splashing on other components when using disinfection brush.
    4. Liquid medicine filter (blue) can remove the particle in liquid medicine. Connect to use with catheter joint.
    5. Air filter (yellow) can remove the particle and bacteria in the air.
    6. Destroy all the components after anesthesia, can not be used repeatedly.

    1. This product is disinfected by ethylene oxide, the shelf life is two years. The disinfection is completed if the disinfection index strip turns from yellow to red.
    2. All the component is sterile, non-toxic and pyrogen-free if the package is not open or no damage.
    3. Strictly forbid to use if the inner package is damaged.
    4. Single use only, discards after use, shall not be reused.
    5. Should be stored in cool, dry and ventilated place and guard against damp.
    6. The product must comply with the relevant work standards of the medical department, can only be used by doctor or nursing personnel
    7. Residual quantity of anesthesia is 0.7-1.0 m

    1. Severe anemia, vascular hypertension, poor heart compensation function should be used with caution. Neck, thoracic segments epidural anesthesia to dyspneic patients should be used with caution, prohibition of use to severe shock patients and patients has infectious lesions on puncture area.
    2.Lumbar anesthesia should be used with caution to patients with coronary heart disease, prohibition of use to spinal multiple sclerosis, meningitis, septicemia, patients have infection on puncture area, vertebration metastatic cancer patients.
    3. Nerve block anesthesia is forbidto use for septicemia patients.

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