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Detailed Product Description

permeable to moisture;
hypoallergenic and proper viscidity

1. Fixing and covering I.V catheter,
2. preventing and curing minor burns, scald and bedsore;
3. protecting donorsite of the skin;
4. Incised wound laceration protection
1. After cleaning the wound disinfection, take out of dressing from the bag.
2. At one end from the dressing, peel off the paper with the words, exposing adhesive surface  .
3. The adhesive surface paste to the skin surface, smoothing from the middle to the surrounding.
4. Peel off the back of the type material.
5. When abrasions, burns and surgery, a small amount of exudate was appeared. Cleaning up the wound ,using the sterile gauze or absorb mat and anti-inflammatory drugs on the wound, then pasting medical transparent dressing .
1. Sterile, disposable
2. The package is damaged to prohibit using.
3. Not substitute for sutures, bleeding, skin disinfection and other measures.
4. Not available for arterial catheter fixation.
5. Prohibit using for Infected wound, ulcers disabled. Later, if the wound infection such as redness, swelling, effusion and fever, etc., shall suspend following medical diagnosis or increase the replacement frequency.
6. When the wound is drainage or blood,
it can not be directly attached to the wound dressing.
7. Should select the appropriate size of dressing, to ensure its firmly stuck around the wound dry and healthy skin, no stretch to cause tension damaging the skin.

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