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first aid box transparent plastic first aid box

first aid box  transparent plastic first aid box
  • Brand Name : BAOKE
  • Category : Medical devices/Other Devices
  • Place of Origin : shenzhen,china
  • Standard : CE,ISO13485
  • Supply Ability : 10000 pcs per month
  • Payment : TT,western union
  • Scope : emergency purpose
  • Description :
  • This product is mainly used for the hemostasia of trauma(such as scratch, cut, stab, wrick ), enswathement, dressing changed, diminish inflammation for a daily treatment and first aid in single use, as well as being poisoned, shock andimpinge, etc contretemps is being used. The product subassembly is complete, economic and practical, simple in usage, convenient, quick, safe, may ensure tourist members who fall across indisposition or unexpected injury that can betimesself diagnosis and treatment so as to fast recovery, guard against accident.

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Contact: Vivian He
Tel: +86-755-89642878
Fax: +86-755-89642080
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