BC200 Medical Air compressor


वर्गीकरण: Medical Device Manufacturing Equipment
उत्पाद विवरण:


Low noise medical air Compressor, very stable performance, safe and reliable

Air Compressor with LCD screen to display output pressure, provide safe, secure and permanent motivation

Compact design and easy to transfer

Assembled with clean control module, supplying cleaner and safer air to the patients��

Effective sound-absorbing materials

Oil-free compressor with temperature protection

Match with various ventilator of international standard in the world


Output gas flow: ���40L/min

Output gas pressure: 0.3~0.4Mpa, Adjustable

Output gas filter accuracy:0.03渭m

Air compressor pump: 1 set

Efficient rate for particle filtration: 99%

Dew point of output gas: 0~10Dried output gas


Power supply: 220V15% ,50HZ or 110V15%,60HZ

Power: 800W

Working Environment: Temperature :40C

������ Humidity:90RH

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