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Suzhou show photoelectric technology co., LTD Suzhou show north photoelectric technology co., LTD. Is located in the beautiful scenery of taihu lake - suzhou national high-tech development zone. Company is mainly engaged in r&d, manufacturing and sales of medical beauty equipment. Current range of products mainly include: show, microcrystalline remove scar meter, and show soft skin crystal meter and other related medical hairdressing equipment and consumables. Product quality is reliable, the curative effect is distinct, high-quality comprehensive after-sales service. | microcrystalline remove scar, crystal soft skin technology is one of the world's most advanced beauty technology, has replaced the corrosion grinding drugs, acupuncture, surgery, filling and other traditional method to remove scar. And according to the different parameter Settings can achieve already can tender skin can also remove scar double efficacy, is considered by the FDA is very safe and effective method of beauty. In Europe, America, Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions are widely adopted, become one of the high-end beauty salon essential beauty project.

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Contact: szxn
Tel: 0512-86881381
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