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  • Walking  Aid

    Walking Aid
    Model: XYF-Z1Name: Walk Training AidSpecification (cm): 98×80×100~145Weight: 16.0kgApplication: Add the area of upper limbs supp...
  • Tilt Table

    Tilt Table
    Power source: AC220; 50/60Hz.Capacity factor: ≤200w.Bed surface control type: inching hand shank.Bed surface dimensions: 1750×615mm...
  • Training Chair

    Training Chair
    MODEL: XYGS-2NAME: Quadriceps Femoris Training Chair SPECIFICATION(CM): 113×112×116WEIGHT: 57.0KGAPPLICATION: The patients with ...
  • Gait training device

    Gait training device
    Model: XYJ-B3Name: Gait training device (with medical slow treadmill)Specification(cm):120×103×197-238Weight: 188KgPower paramet...
  •  tractional bed

    tractional bed
    Technical Specifications: Main Power Supply: 220V,50Hz Power Consumption: ≤600WTraction Mileage: 0~200mmLumbarTraction Force: 0...
  • tractional bed

    tractional bed
    Specifications Lumbar vertebra traction functions are the same as YHZ-V (2004 type),electric cervical vertebra traction,cervical and lu...
  • Fumigation therapy machine

    Fumigation therapy machine
    It achieves treatment effect by the synergistic effect of the six medical methods including heat, pressure, massage, medicine, biomedical el...
  • Rehabilitation Device

    Rehabilitation Device
    Specifications Improve limbs joints range of motion and coordination. MODEL: XYM-6NAME: Limbs Rehabilitation DeviceSPECIFICATION(C...
  • Lower Limb CPM

    Lower Limb CPM
    Specifications This product can train the patient's Lower limb 1.High-capacity CPU computer inteligent design,two-way display and ...
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