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Dental Unit With Good price and CE

Dental Unit With Good price and CE
  • Brand Name : Guangzhou Shunyuan
  • Category : Medical devices/Dental Devices
  • Place of Origin : Guangzhou China
  • Standard : New Dental Unit
  • Supply Ability : 400pcs/month
  • Performance and Composition : Synchronized movement of seat and backrest ,Electricity,Imported U.S.A air /water tubing
  • Payment : TT,Western union ect
  • Description :
  • Product Description


    1-Imported(4-hole or 2 hole) high-speed air turbine handpiece connector  2 sets
    2-Imported(4-hole or 2 hole) low-speed air turbine handpiece connector  1 sets
    3-Three-way syringe(cold and hot)  1 set each
    4-Water supply control system for cup filler and blow rinse 1 set
    5-Strong and weak suction  1set each
    6-Super sensor operation lamp  1 set                                                  
    7-24V x-film viewer(DC/low voltage)  1 set                                       
    8-Super ceramic cuspidor  1 set                                                     
    9- armrest  1 set                                                                    
    10-Adjustable headrest  1 set                                                  
    11-handpieces water purified and air purified system  1 set                                                         
    12-super dental stool 1 piece                                                      
    13-Back position with negative angle compensation function 

    14-Soft leather

    15-Doctor stool -1set

    Supply Voltage: 110V~220V 50HZ-60HZ
                                Air Pressure :> 0.55MPa
                                 Water Pressure: 0.2MPa-0.4M



    options:scaler,curing light,handpiece,oral cameral system,air compressor 
      Soft  leather seat cushion ,sesor operation light

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Contact: Miss Green Dai
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Fax: +86-020-87497541
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