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Dental X-ray machine

 Dental X-ray machine
  • Brand Name : X-ray machine
  • Category : Medical devices/Anesthesiology and Respiratory Devices
  • Place of Origin : China (Mainland)
  • Supply Ability : 1000 Set/Sets per Month
  • Payment : T/T,Western Union
  • Description :
  • Specifications

    Place of origin:China

    1. The X-ray generator: elaborate adopts foreign advanced technology.

    2. The precise time control: microprocessor technology to exposure time accurate to of a second, with digital display, but also for any alarm can immediately provide accurate prompt;

    3. Balance arm: USES the compression spring positioning technology, positioning is flexible and stable;

    4. The base: the stamping mould plastic spraying, reasonable structure, beautiful fashion;Column for aluminum profile, arms with stainless steel refined but become.

    5. Parallel focus: clear images can be easily;

    6. No radiation fears of: small X-ray source and the ball pipe sleeve is lead plate tight seal, under the condition of open exposure, 1 m from the center of radiation, the radiation leakage is lower than the national standard is 68 times, than the regulation of the human body lower 0.5 mGy TVC/h (0-0.007 mGy/h) without X-ray shielding room, the protection of the real health doctors and patients.


    Yue line X-ray machine 8 big advantage:

    1. The atmospheric modelling, beautiful;
    2. Adopt international advanced technology: technology source to Blue in Italy - x;
    3. Pressure moving reed rod: reed design makes more stable and longer service life.
    4. Short exposure time: 7 ma ma quantity is close to the high frequency machine, shooting time is shorter than the average power frequency machine;
    5. Have taken RVG function: can be used directly with sensors, 7 ma ma amount makes clearer image transmission;
    6. Low radiation: radiation leak 1 m away < 0.007 mgy/H, greatly reduce the radiation of human body;
    7. Data intelligent adjustment: by STE5 seconds, can restore automatically restore the default data

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