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Dental X-ray machine

Dental X-ray machine
  • Brand Name : FT
  • Category : Medical devices/Anesthesiology and Respiratory Devices
  • Place of Origin : China (Mainland)
  • Supply Ability : 1000 Set/Sets per Month
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  • Specifications


    FT-H3 High Frequency of Dental Digital X-ray Machine (with Block) 

      Product Description


       Main Technical Data (Technical Data): 

    1. Tube voltage (tube voltage): 55KVp, 60KVp, 65KVp, 70KVp; 
    2. Tube current (tube current): 
    Film mode (film type): 7mA, RVG mode (film type): 3mA. 
    3. Exposure time adjustment range (the range of exposure time can be adjust): 0.05S ~ 2.00S; 
    4. Focal skin distance (focus skin distance): 210mm. 
    5. Working voltage (power supply): 220V, 5A, 50/60Hz, or 110V, 10A, 50/60Hz, 
    Six. Switching frequency (frequency conversion): 200kHz. 
    7. Duty cycle (duty cycle): 1 / 15 
    8. X-ray leakage (Scattered radiation): 0.14mGy / h 
    9. The focus size (focal spot size): 0.8 (IEC336/1993) 
    10. The irradiated area (Zone diameter) (circular radiation field diameter): <60mm 
    11. Tube head weight (tube head weight): 4.5kg 

    • Product Characteristics 

    1. Application of very high frequency technology (VHF) to X-ray tube voltage (kV) direct current (DC) output, greatly reducing the risk of soft-rays on the human body, the patient radiation dose by 30% or more. 
    2. Application of very high frequency technology (VHF), so that X-ray tube voltage (kV) direct current (DC) output, is the oral digital imaging (RVG) of accessory products, as compared to conventional dental films can be reduced by 90% of the radiation dose, improved image resolution and contrast, image post-processing can be done to facilitate the establishment of patient digital files. 
    3. Effective X-ray unit time increased, so that shorter exposure time, film the process of moving the human impact of small, improve the clarity of the image. 
    4. Accurately control the exposure time by the microcomputer, the nine pre-exposure time can be selected for each tooth slice, and set the RVG function keys, the operation easier. 
    5.X-ray penetrating power (kV) and tube current (mA) were adjusted, according to doctor’s different conditioning, shooting, better and higher image contrast. 
    6. Using high frequency electromagnetic wave with a self-coded wireless remote control, from the device in any location within 10 meters operate away from the X-ray sources, the use of more security.
    7. Maximum tube current 7mA, suitable for use with a variety of dental film with, access to high-definition, and use lower cost. 
    8. Every time after work has automatic overheat protection, extend the life of the equipment. 
    9.X-ray tube head in a complete layer of 1mm posted the stereotype, leakage radiation is very small, only 0.14mGy / h is safe to use. 
    10. Using frequency conversion technology with tube voltage, tube current closed-loop control, to voltage 180 ~ 245V in the case, the output of the tube voltage, tube current error is not greater than ± 10%.

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    Package and delivery

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    4.Freight:the freight cost will charge according to the weight of detailed order.

    5.Shipment:We could ship by EMS, DHL and China air mail post or by sea please contact us

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