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Urine test strips B11-B

Urine test strips B11-B
  • Brand Name : Dotop
  • Category : Vitro Diagnostic Devices/Chemistry and Toxicology Devices
  • Place of Origin : China
  • Specification: B11-B
  • Supply Ability : 10000 barrels/month
  • Payment : T/T
  • Scope : urine analysis
  • Description :
  • Summary and Explanation:
    Urine Test Strips are dip-and-read test strips for In Vitro Diagnostic Use only for testing above items in urine. Test result may provide information regarding the status of carbohydrate metabolism, kidney and liver function, acid-base balance, and urinary tract infection. It is measured by comparison of test paper attached to a plastic strip with the color chart blocks printed on the vial label. The strips may be read visually. They can also be read instrumentally,using urine chemistry analyzers.
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