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Disposable Surgical Lavage System

Disposable Surgical Lavage System
  • Brand Name : Disposable Surgical Lavage System
  • Category : Medical devices/Orthopedic Devices
  • Description :
  • effective debridement device for orthopedic procedures
    Disposable Surgical Lavage System 
    Item No. WZ-WDS-01
    Certificate; CE & ISO13485

    Our Disposable Surgical Lavage System is powered by 8 x 1.2v regular AA batteries and provides effective wound debridement following orthopedic procedures in trauma and joint arthroplasty.

    The unit is a versatile and light weight(only 772 gram) single-use system supplied in a double sterile pack. There are 2 tips included the pack, one is a 35 mm diameter splash shield cone tip and another one is a 270 mm long intra-medullary tip. However additional high capacity brush tip with radial spray function is available for your selection which can be purchased separately.It combines convenience and power for the removal of necrotic tissue, bacteria and foreign material whilst providing controlled pressure for efficient cleansing and irrigation.
    The unit offers low speed fluid delivery for a gentle lavage  and a high speed setting, offering a hugely powerful cleaning action . There are independent fluid and suction tubes and a textured barrel and handle for a secure and comfortable grip.


    ♦  Increase penetration between bone cement and osteotomy surface.
    ♦  Reduce the incidence rate of fat embolism
    ♦  Reduce the loosen rate of the implant,reduce reconstruction rate for artificial joint arthroplasty
    ♦  Effective and rapidly cleasing of necrotic tissues,bacteria and foreign materials,minimizes risk of wound infection,accelerate wound healing.
    ♦  Enlarge operation vision,shorten operation time.
    ♦  Reduce the use of the dosage of antibiotics,save cost
    ♦  Decrease the post-operative rate of adhesion.


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