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Finger Splint

Finger Splint
  • Brand Name : Finger Splint
  • Category : Medical devices/Orthopedic Devices
  • Description :
  • Strong Immobilization for Fractured,Dislocated or Sprained Finger Joint
    Finger Splint 
    Item No.WZ-JB-03
    Size 18x2cm 
    ♦ It is mainly used for fastening of the injured finger with the palm.
    ♦ The splint is malleable,it could be slightly folded according to palm’s shape. 
    ♦ The splint is manufactured from soft aluminium which makes them X-ray translucent and ensures ease of application.
    ♦ The sponge inside prevents from the friction between finger and aluminum.



    ♦ Providing strong immobilization for the fractured,dislocated,sprained finger joint.
    ♦ Fastening firmly on fingers for the injured soft tissue,injured ligament,post-operative site in rehabilitation. 
    ♦ Operating simply,conveniently.

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Contact: Shannon Jiang
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