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Rib Splint

Rib Splint
  • Brand Name : Rib Splint
  • Category : Medical devices/Orthopedic Devices
  • Description :
  • a revolutionary device used for the treatment of rib fractures or rib bruises
    Rib Splint 
    Item No.WZ-HB-02
    Size S:12x16cm M:14X18cm L:16x18cm
    ♦ The rib splint is used for fixation of simple fractured rib or bruised rib.
    ♦ Our rib splint is lightweight,thin,made of aluminum mesh covered with soft hydrocolloid,non-woven fabrics with non allergenic polyurethane compound film outside.
    ♦ The splint is malleable, can be easily formed to perfectly fit each patient's body exactly in one minute without water or heat.
    ♦ The splint ensures a stable fixation of the injured rib section.



    ♦ Significant pain Reduction
    ♦ Great relief from the clicking sensation experience in the fractured rib with deep breaths prior to sticking with the rib splint.
    ♦ Prevent risk of lung pneumonia
    ♦ Shorten healing period
    ♦ Breathable and water-proof
    ♦ Transparent to X-rays

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Contact: Shannon Jiang
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