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Angiography catheter

Angiography catheter
  • Brand Name : penty
  • Category : Medical devices/Interventional Cardiology Devices
  • Place of Origin : China
  • Payment : T/T ,wstern union.L/C etc
  • Description :
  • Smooth outer wall
    Tubing outer wall polished to be smooth, allowing good propelling and thoroughness
    Smooth transition of three-segment design
    Distal end: soft and mild, with excellent radiopacity;
    Remote end: Optimize softness of the head, ensuring gentleness of operation and coaxality of blood vessel;
    Body: Hard but submissive, ensuring an exact torsion transmission
    Stainless steel braided net
    Unique stainless steel braided net provides excellent 1:1 torsion control and kink resistance
    Wide Inner lumen
    Wide inner lumen, ensuring high efficiency flowing of contrast agent
    Stage: This product through the CE TUV-SUD certification

    This product through the CE TUV-SUD certification.

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