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  • Brand Name : CONTY
  • Category : Medical devices/Interventional Cardiology Devices
  • Place of Origin : China
  • Description :
  • Smooth outer wall
    Tubing outer wall polished to be smooth, allowing good propelling and thoroughness
    Smooth transition of three-segment design
    Distal end: soft and mild, with excellent radiopacity;
    Remote end: Optimize softness of the head, ensuring gentleness of operation and coaxality of blood vessel;
    Proximal end: Nylon polymer material provides strong support
    Body: Hard but submissive, ensuring an exact torsion transmission
    Wide inner lumen
    With wide inner lumen, it’s easier for guidewire, balloon, stent, etc. to pass through.
    PTFE coating 
    PTFE coating over inner layer to reduce frictional resistance, providing a smooth delivery for device
    Stage: This product through the CE TUV-SUD certification

    This product through the CE TUV-SUD certification.

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