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PTA balloon

PTA balloon
  • Brand Name : wanty
  • Category : Medical devices/Interventional Cardiology Devices
  • Place of Origin : China
  • Description :
  • Double lumen structure
    Strong propelling and torsion support, effectively preventing ’Banana shape’ balloon
    Tip configuration 
    Taper and round tip to reduce damage to blood vessel 
    Hydrophilic coating
    Independently R&D hydrophilic coating process, smooth propelling
    Conical balloon
    Pass through narrow lesion smoothly with taper balloon, 
    Tri-layer tubing 
    Reducing push resistance of guidewire, providing support and pressure-bearing
    Fold based on balloon diameters, lowering profile to get through

    Stage: This product through the CE TUV-SUD certification

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