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catheter sheath B/C/D

catheter sheath B/C/D
  • Brand Name : HEETY
  • Category : Medical devices/Peripheral Vascular Devices
  • Place of Origin : China
  • Payment : T/T .L/C wesern union
  • Description :
  • Excellent flexural-resistance and compliance
    PTFE inner layer ensures smooth advancement 
    stainless steel inner layer ensures excellent flexural-resistance
    PA outer layer ensures smooth advancement inside bloold vessel 
    Safe and humanized design to lower operational risk
    Perfect matching between sheath and dilator to reduce damage to blood vessel during operation; 
    Mark band with non transparent X ray on sheath distal end to locate.
    Variety of specifications and types for more applications
    Hydrophilic coating for easy insertion 
    Hydrophilic coating over sheath surface to provide a smooth surface for insertion
    Type D: Y-valve
    Design of Y-valve prevents aeroembolism, reduces blood leak, being convenient for operation. No Y-valve in A/B/C.

    Stage: This product through the CE TUV-SUD certification

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