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catheter sheath type A

catheter sheath type A
  • Brand Name : HEETY
  • Category : Medical devices/Interventional Cardiology Devices
  • Place of Origin : China
  • Payment : T/T ,WESTERN UNION ,L/C
  • Description :
  • ●Appropriate wedge-shaped transition
    Wedge-shaped transition between dilator and sheath provides smooth and spontaneous insertion for catheter
    sheath, lowering damage to blood vessel
    ●Excellent lubricity and radiopacity
    Sheath adopts PTFE+Bi2O3, bearing excellent lubricity and radiopacity
    ●Excellent radiopacity
     Dilator adopts PP+BaSO4, bearing excellent radiopacity
     ●No plasticizer
    Being safer for sidearm adopting TPU, no plasticizer DEHP 
     ●Haemostatic valve 

    Unique design of haemostatic valve prevents blood flowing out and provides convenient operation for guidewire and catheter

    This product through the CE TUV-SUD certification.

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