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Medical image work station (X-rays)

Medical image work station (X-rays)
  • Category : Medical devices/Radiological Devices
  • Specification: SPY-1002
  • Description :
  • SPY-1002 medical image work station (X-rays), whether our company use modern computer technology, many kinds of that language develop with various kinds of X-rays ray machine on-line new equipment that used procedure making, needn't do any change to the X-ray machine, can realize the X-rays picture shows , gathers , analyses automatically in real time in real time the integrated report of picture and text exports automatically ! This makes X-rays

    diagnose technology has reached from determining the nature to the quantitative leap. Thus realized digitization is stored and the interface standardization and network management, make hospital with light to is it is it is it diagnose store and new era of medical care to informationalized to enter to make the investment.

    Character of function:

    1. Friendly figure user interface, the whole button operate, convenient to learn while being easy

    2. Much interface is controlled, can connect 1 to 3 pieces of X-rays equipment at the same time

    3. Many kinds of collection way, can set up the negative image which is gathered the picture freely, and gather the size of the picture

    4. The daily vocabulary is input swiftly, strong template function, doctors can increase and revise the template according to one's own demand

    5. Have recording and producing dynamically and playback functions

    6. Measurement function convenient to be accurate

    7. The image processing function: image strengthened, part enlarging, negative film display, mark the characters ect

    8. 17" high-resolution-factor color large-screen indicator display, Adopt HP high-resolution-factor color image output

    9. The swift case history is inquired about, the support to Internet

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