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  • Brand Name : Acne Treatment
  • Category : Medical devices/Other Devices
  • Place of Origin : South Korea
  • Specification: Acne Treatment
  • Payment : T/T
  • Description :
  • As long as you use WHITE PLUS, you do not worry about your acne.

    your white plus will prevent of acne on your skin.

    you can imagine for a lifetime.

    Using a harmless Cool Blue 405nm wave length,

    you can conveniently use it at home and wherever you are

    does not have an enough high energy power to harm skin tissue, but it can be delivered an enough energy to stimulate body itself for treatment. 

    Furthermore, even if it has a low output energy power, because of a high efficiency cycle.

    It delivers more efficient treatment wavelength to skin tissue as a laser treatment. And energy output power is more big, safe and economic.  

    Therefore, Cool Blue 405nm wave length is harmless for human body and to use a low level energy visible ray.  

    If you emits Red Laser 650nm wave length on teeth-ridge, cell and tissue will be helpful to activity of ferment body for stimulating a blood circulation and metabolism.

    In other word, Red  Laser treatment is smoothly metabolizing a structure of body activity and immunity. It is more efficient an immune reaction. 

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