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Kamaljeeth Laboratory Supplies/Services KAMALJEETH group has seen 24 years of meaningful service, catering to the needs of Hospital, Clinical, Medical, Diagnostic, Educational, Scientific & Research Institutions in this part of Coastal Karnataka, Goa and Kasaragod Districts of India We Deal with all ranges of Quality products from major brands of manufactures like Microscopes, Laboratory Instruments, Hospital Equipment and Hospital Furnitures Semi Autoanalyser & Equipment, Disposable Labwares, Scales, Diagnostic Kits, Rapid Chemistry Kits etc. Etc. We are Specialized in Promoting, Setting up and Upgrading Clinical Laboratory, Diagnostic Centre, Polyclinic, Day care Centre, Hospital Lab, Blood Bank and Research laboratory. For any Analyser Programming, Chemistry Calibration & Consultancy please contact KamalJeeth Diagnostic Services. Add to the above features, we are also the Authorised and Qualified Service Engineers for all ranges of Diagnostic, Medical, Hospital, Scientific, Educational & Research Equipment. This Speciality gives an extra benefit to our customers as they are assured of technical support at times of need.

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Company: Kamaljeeth Laboratory Supplies/Services
Area: India
Contact: Mr. Dr. Aravinda Rao Kedige
Tel: 91-824-2217361
Fax: 91-824-2443636
Web site:
Add: Balebail, Kadri Hills
P.C.: 575004