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GLOBAL NAMIBIA Commodity Sourcing CC

Global Namibia Commodity Sourcing cc is a wholesale distribution business based in the Republic of Namibia. We established in 2001 with the aim of meeting the high-tech accessories and equipment needs of clients operating in the medical industry. We supply every requirement in x-ray, dental and general hospital supplies. Our hopes will be for the establishment of a legitimate business relationship with potential clients accross the globe. All units / items will be quoted in South African Rands, ...More>>

Contact Info
Company: GLOBAL NAMIBIA Commodity Sourcing CC
Area: Others
Contact: Mr. Shiwa Kaukungua
Tel: 264-61-220167
Mobile: 264811273783
Fax: 264-61-221152
Web site:
Add: 616 Black Rock Street
P.C.: 9000