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Technical ResourcesPeople with solutions for your problems in Laboratory EquipmentsBe it Medical, Pathology, Analytical or Precision. Repairs, AMC and Franchise Services of Analytical, Precision, Bio Medical, Blood Banking, IVF and Histopathology Laboratory Instruments. We OfferPipette Calibration ServiceAs it is testWithout any service & adjustments pipette will be tested for its consistency, accuracy and calibration. Routine Service and RepairsCalibration with ERTL Trace able certificate: Incl...More>>

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Company: Technical Resources
Area: India
Contact: Mr. N Srinivas Rao
Tel: 91-22-28917149
Mobile: 9819103181
Fax: 91-22-28927149
Web site:
Add: MaharashtraMumbaiC19 / 20, Sagar Vaibhav, L M Road, Dahisar West
P.C.: 400068