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Dental Chair Unit

Dental Chair Unit
  • Category : Medical devices/Dental Devices
  • Supply Ability : 10000000
  • Description :
    Luxurious rotatable tempered glass spittoon 1 set
    24V nosieless DC motor chair 1 set
    Motor dental chair control system with three
    Memory and inter-lock set 1 set
    24V nosieless DC motor chair 1 set
    Extendable cushion and backrest 1 set
    High-grade articulated headrest 1 set
    Operating light 1 set
    Saliva ejector with high and low suction 1 set
    Instrument tray with air brake 1 set
    3-way syringe(cold/hot water) 1 set
    Full-functional foot controller 1 set
    Water tank(air pressurized)(built out) 1 set
    V-B operating stool 1 set

    High speed air turbine handpiece 2 sets
    Low speed air motor handpiece 1 set
    Endoscope system
    Uitrasonic scaler
    Curing light
    Medical compressor

    Power voltage: 220V, 50Hz
    Motor voltage: 24V
    Water pressure: 0.2mpa-0.4mpa
    Air pressure: 0.6mpa-0.8mpa
    Weight: 280kg
    Measurement: 1.47*1.07*1.17m
    Length: 1.85m
    Length of travel: 50-80cm
    Width: Main unit: 102cm, cushion: 48cm, backrest: 60cm
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Contact: Miss Cally
Tel: 86-20-81513635
Fax: 86-20-81517136
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