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Intraoral Camera (MD1102)

Intraoral Camera (MD1102)
  • Brand Name : MY BEST
  • Category : Medical devices/Dental Devices
  • Place of Origin : Foshan
  • Standard : Standard
  • Supply Ability : 1000
  • Description :
  • Product Specifications/Features:

    . With video, S-video, USB and VGA output function.
    . It can be quickly deleted image, re-captured, enlarge
    Function and it also can be saved 4 x 28 PCS picture
    . For both of freeze device and hand piece are with
    Quick-connector function.
    . It can be divided 4 images on the screen, and be switched
    Very easily to each other between 1 image and 4 images.
    . With specific remote control

    . Image sensor: 1/4" Sony CCD
    . Image resolution: 0.68 mega pixels
    . Lamp: 6 PCS white LED (5600K)
    . Accumulation point: 5 mm ~ 50 mm
    . Photographing visual angle: 70 degree
    . Freeze device output jack MD650: VGA output + video input
    MD660: VGA output + USB output
    MD670: Video output + USB output
    MD680: Video output + S-video output
    . Cable length: 2 m
    . Signal format: NTS/PAL option
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    Digital intra-oral camerasPrimary Competitive Advantages:

    Well and High Quality Control
    Prompt Delivery
    New Product
    Customer's Designs and Logos are Welcome
    Competitive Prices
    Earth-friendly Products
    ODM Accepted
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    Quantity Per Month:
    10000 PCS/month
    Product Packing Way:
    1 PC/carton

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