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Mani Dental Diamond Burs (MD2201)

Mani Dental Diamond Burs (MD2201)
  • Brand Name : MANI
  • Category : Medical devices/Dental Devices
  • Supply Ability : 10000000packets/year
  • Description :
  • Name: Ski High Speed Diamond Burs
    Color Coding
    Color code indication is provided at the end of working part', according to the size of diamond grit conforming to the I. S. O. Specification.
    Ski Coding system reflects shapes of burs. The contour and sizes could be imagined by nomenclature since I. S. O. Numbers are also indicated.

    TF/Taper Flat End
    TR/Taper Round End
    TC/Taper Conical End
    FO/Flame Ogival End
    SF/Straight Flat End
    SO/Straight Ogival End
    SR/Straight Tound End
    RS/Rounded Shoulder
    BR/Ball Round Type
    BC/Ball Collar Type
    DI/Double Inverted Cone
    S/Short Shank
    SS/Super Short Shand
    EF/Extra Fine
    SI/Single Inverted Cone
    WR/Wheel Round Edge
    CR/CR Inaly Preparation Dia-Burs
    CD-Children's Dentistry Dia-Burs

    High Quality Control
    100percent inspection with laser measurement machine, cutting test and strength test for each lot are performed. All products comply with our own standards which are far more strict than I. S. O. Standards.
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Contact: Miss Cally
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Fax: 86-20-81517136
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