Ultrasonic Diagnostic Equipment (3000G1)


Clasificación: Medical devices/Diagnostic Devices
Descripción del producto: Ultrasonic diagnostic equipment(3000G1) Features 1. Display Mode: B, 2B, BM, Speed under BM or M mode: 2s, 4s, 6s, 8s/frame 2. Varied magnifications and the image is scrolled 3. Single point focus, multi-point focus, and dynamic focusing, low noise, wide frequency band receiving amplification circuit, 8 levels of TGC control, Changeable angle, Frame correlation, Grey alternative, Edge enhancement, Transverse filter, Dynamic filter, which make the image gradation is outstanding, lots of image disposing function make the image is clear and exquisite. 4. Measuring distance, perimeter, area (contrail or ellipse), volume, hart rate, velocity, fetus and etc. 5. Store 8 images, 192 frames of cine loop 6. Image up/down, left/right, black/white reverse 7. Gain control, brightness and contrast adjustment 8. Changeable probe, 4 kinds of scanning frequency changeable 9. Needle-guided brackets 10. Color display can be achieved 11. Body mark 12. Auto-input/display of the date, hospital, calculation formula, and so on Specification Probe: Basic probe: 3.5MHz R60 Convex probe Optional Probes: 6.0MHz R13 Mini-Convex Probe 7.5MHz L40 Linear Probe 5.0MHz R20 Convex Probe Double connectors Scannig Mode: Electronic Linear, Electronic Convex Shape: Trolley type Monitor: 14" VGA high resolution black-white monitor Power: AC 220V+ or -22V, Frequency 50Hz+ or -1Hz Power consumption: ≤250VA Detectable Depth: ≥170mm(3.5MHz R60 Convex probe) Grey: 256 Accuracy error of geometric position: ≤5% Average no-problem working time: ≥3000 hours If you need more information, pls feel free to contact us. Regards, Gu liming
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