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Vacuum Blood Collect Tube (ME-024)

Vacuum Blood Collect Tube (ME-024)
  • Brand Name : OEM
  • Category : Disposable Medical Supplies
  • Place of Origin : CHINA
  • Specification: ME-024
  • Standard : ISO/CE
  • Description :
  • We are a good supllier for vacuum blood collect tube in material plastic and glass, we can supply: Heparin tube, PT TUBE, ESR TUPE, OXALATE TUBE, EDTA TUBE, ECT. Heparin Tube Heparin tube is widely used in blood collection and anticoagulation in clinical biochemical tests and emergency biochemical tests. It is fast on operation and applicable in a wide range of temperature. It will not lead to secondary out-separation of fiber protein. Normal tube specification: 13x75 13x100 Color: Green Volume of normal tube: 1ml, 2ml, 3ml, 4ml, 5ml, 6ml, 7ml Sample validity: Less than 6 hr in indoor temperature. Vertical static pressure: More than 8kg/cm2 Ultimate centrifugal turning speed: 5000turn/min. Heparin density: ISO4822 first version (ibid for lithium and sodium) Anti-heparin type: Transparent film preparation (dry powder) Mixture requirement: Up-side-down shake 5 - 8 times by 90 Note: 1. Most of the indexes are not affected after serum is changed into plasma. 2. The collection amount shall be sufficient as required to avoid the increase of the relative density of heparin which will affect the measurement of calcium and ferment. 3. When blood is collected for 6 hrs, the test result is unlikely to be repeated Non-anticoagulation Tube [2005-12-30] No-anticoagulation tube is used in blood collection and storage for biochemist, immunity and serology tests of medical inspection. It can be used both as blood colletion and test tube. Blood complete coagulation time: 2 hr Blood natural contraction time: T= 37, 3H Inside negative charge coverage: 50% Normal tube specification: 13x75vacuum 13x100 Color: Red Volume of normal tube: 13x50: 1ml 2ml 13x75: 1ml 2ml 3ml 4ml 13x100: 2ml 3ml 4ml 5ml 6ml 7ml Vertical static pressure: 8kg/cm2 Ultimate centrifugal turning speed: 5000turn/min. Suggested centrifugal truning speed: 2500trun/min - 3500turn/min. Operation temp: 0 - 37 Corresponding absolute height: See package box. Applicable altitude tolerence: 200m Max. Vacuum deviation: 10% Tube for PT or APTT [2005-12-30] The tube is a vacuum tube designed for the ratio of 1: 9 of anticoagulant (0.109mol/l sodium citrate) and blood. It is mainly used in tests of coaulation mechanism, with the advantages of high accuracy in the general amount and proportion of blood and agent. Normal tube specification: 13x75 Color: Blue Volume of normal tube: 1.8ml, 2.7ml Vertical static pressure: More than 16kg/cm2 Anticoaulant density: 0.109mol/l Mixture requirement: Shake 3 -5 times by 180o or 90o Operation temp: 0- 37 Applicable altitude: See the large package Vacuum deviation: 5% Note: 1. The tube shall be used with IMPROVE blood collecting needle in primary collection. 2. Tubes for different altitude shall not be exchanged. Tubes for ESR [2005-12-30] The tube is for special use in blood collection and anti-coagulation in ESR. Anti-coagulant type and density: Sodium citrate 0.129mol/L. Anti-coagulant status: Liquid Color: Black Normal tube specification: 13x75 Designed collection volume: 1.6ml, 2.4ml Size ratio of anti-coagulant and blood sample: 1: 4 Vacuum deviation: Less than 5% Applicble altitude tolerence: 200m Applicable altitude: See the package Vertical static pressure: 16kg/cm2 Note: 1. When used in primary collection, it should be changed when the current stops; When used in secondary collection, it should be changed when the line breaks. 2. It is not allowed to use after the stopper is removed for 24 hrs. For the detailed information, Please feel free to contct us. Regards, Gu liming
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