High Frequency X-ray Camera (SET160/ Old Model No: PLX160)


Classificazione: Medical devices/Other Devices
Descrizione del prodotto: Specifications Power Output 15KW Inverter Frequency 40KHz X-ray Tube XD56-5 17/130 Small focus: 0.3 Large focus: 0.6 Thermal capacity: 212kJ (300 KHU) The speed of the rotary anode 3000rpm Tube Voltage 40~125kV Tube Current 200mA MAs 1~360mAs Bucky grid Grid density 103L/INCH; Grid ratio: 10: 1 Focus distance: 150cm Stationary18"× 18"(import) Power supply 220V 50Hz, Capacity: ≥ 16kW Operation method graphic remote-control LCD touch screen and wireless remote-control exposure (Optional: Control box of graphic remote-control LCD touch screen)
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