Special Medical Film View (Dental viewer)


Classification: Medical devices/Dental Devices
Description du produit: Backlight technology, uniform light source. Ultra-thin design, the thickness is only 3.5cm, available for desk and wall mounting, effective use of space Circuit take use of high frequent contravariant technology, flick-free Take use of anti-ultraviolet radiation panel, never turn yellow and deform. Adopt the advanced silicon gel clamping set, fit for all kinds of film. CCFL can be used for more than 30, 000 hours, which is 8 times than traditional lamp. The light source glitter, effectively relieves the fatigue of vision. Can't feel the glitter, effectively relieves the fatigue of vision. Adopt digital dimming technology. Auto matic and individual film sensor, light is auto on when film in and off when film take out. More fit film viewing. Trademark: jinde Model NO.: Dental viewer Company: Changsha Jinrun Electron Technology Co., Ltd.
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