Dental Lab Equipment/Polish Bench


분류: Medical devices/Dental Devices
제품 설명: Dental lab equipment
Tianjin lizhong electronic Co., Ltd., was founded in 1999, which is one of the professional dental equipment manufactures in China; Now we have 1200 square meters modern factory and about 60 efficient employees; We sell many kinds of advanced dental material and equipment, and we have attested ISO9001 for many years. In the same time we pay much attention to the worker training, so we have rich experience in dental study area, also we can offer your high quality service.
회사명: Tianjin Lizhong Electronic Co.,Ltd
지방: China/Tianjin
접촉: Ms. Shuzy Wei(Trade Depart
전화 번호: 86-22-88829700
문의 팩스: 86-22-88829498
주소: Jinnan Direct, Tianjin, China
우편 번호: 300350