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Fetal Doppler

Fetal Doppler
  • Category : Medical devices/Diagnostic Devices
  • Specification: SONOTRAX-B
  • Standard : LCD display with backlight
  • Supply Ability : 100, 100
  • Description :
  • Fetal Doppler--Sonotrax-B Fetal Doppler (LCD Display with BackLight) Sonotrax handheld Doppler can meet routine examination requirement of obstetricians, midwives, pregnant women and vascular. It is a high performance model with FHR digital LCD display. It has three heart rate processing modes: Real-time FHR display mode, averaged FHR display mode and manual mode. It has audio output, and can connect with earphone or recorder with audio input. Sonotrax has a slim, power saving and interchangeable ultrasound probe. Feature: 1. Easy to use 2.2 AA Size Batteries 3. Accurate FHR detection and LCD display 4. Auto and manual counting 5. Built-in speaker 6. Automatic switch-off 7. Battery energy indication Function: FHR Detection: Speaker output/Earphone output LCD display, Five working modes: Real-time FHR Display mode, Averaged FHR Display mode, Manual mode, continuous operation time>=15 hours Option: [SonoW] 2 MHz Waterproof Obstetrical [Sono3] 3 MHz Obstetrical [Sono4] 4 MHz Vascular [Sono5] 5 MHz Vascular [Sono8] 8 MHz Vascular
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