Vital Signs Patient Monitor (CMS5000B)


分類: Medical devices/Diagnostic Devices
製品概要: Patient Monitor Vital Signs Monitor(SpO2, NIBP) Model: CMS5000B Vital Signs Patient Monitor 1. Compact and portable, allowing for uninterrupted monitoring with built-in battery 2. High bright LEDs display of NIBP, SpO2 and pulse rate 3. High resolutioncolor LCD for trend tabular and SpO2 waveforms display 4. Manual/auto/continuous measurement of NIBP 5. Adjustable audible and visual alarms 6. Up to 600 groups NIBP data up to 10 hours 7. Suitable for adult, pediatric and neonatal patient Display 8.7 segment LEDs for systolic, diastolic, mean pressures, SpO2 and pulse rate 9.2.4``color LCD for waveforms, bargraphic, trend and aystem menu NIBP: 1. Method: Oscillometry 2. Operation modes: Manual/Automatic/STAT 3. Auto Measure time: 5~250 minutes adjustable, interval 5 minutes 4. Measurement range: 10~270mmHg 5. Overpressure protection: Yes 6. Resolution: 1mmHg 7. Alarm: Systolic, Diastolic, Mean SpO2 1. Measurement range: 0~100% 2. Resolution: 1% 3. Accuracy: 70~100% ± 2%, 0~69% unspecified 4. Alarm range: 0~100% Pulse Rate: 1. Range: 0~254bpm 2. Resolution: 1bpm 3. Accuracy: ± 1bpm Option: ECG, Thermal printer 1. Dimension: 200*230*75mm 2. Weight: About 3.5kg 3. Power supply: AC 100~250V 50/60Hz
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