Stethoscope (RM0211)


분류: Medical devices/Diagnostic Devices
제품 설명: RM0211 Golden sprague rappaport stethoscope Attractive gold-plated head, more deluxe, 22' tube, various color available. Accessory kit includes: 2 diaphragms, 2pairs of ear tips. 3 bells. RM0210 Sprague rappaport stethoscope Chrome-plated brass binaural and full rotatable and various color chestpiece. Accessory kit includes: 2diaphragms, 2 pairs of ear tips, 3 bells. 22"tube colorful and transparent tube latex free tube for your choice. RM0216 sprague rappaport stethoscope with clock Chrome-plated brass binarual and full rotatable chestpicec with clock, easy to recond heart beat, colorful latex free tube for your choice. Model NO.: RM0211 Company: Rollmed Co., Ltd.
회사명: Rollmed Co.,Ltd
지방: China/Zhejiang
접촉: Ms. Adeline(Sales Departme
전화 번호: 86-571-88853530
문의 팩스: 86-571-88864355
주소: Room. 312, No, 472, Gu Dun Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China
우편 번호: 31002