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Ydz700/700 Operating Lamp

Ydz700/700 Operating Lamp
  • Brand Name : YUDA
  • Category : Medical devices/General Surgery Devices
  • Place of Origin : Shandong Province, China.
  • Payment : T/T
  • Description :
  • This kind shadowless lamp is characterized by low-temperature illuminated surface, high-level shadowless effect and large-scope illumination adjustment and can be used in many hospitals for deep operation, transplant operation and other operations.

    Main Specification

    Luminance 120.000/120.000
    Color temperrature 4300K± 500K
    Sport diameter 160-280mm
    Llluminatoin depth ≥ 600mm
    Light-adjusting mode Eight grade dimmer system
    Temperature at surgeon's head ≤ 2
    Color indcatoin index ≥ 97%
    Power supply 220V± 22V 50Hz± 1Hz;
    Input power 440W
    Bulb of power(W) 150/150
    Shift of pajor and standby lamps √
    Lowest herght of installation 2900mm

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Contact: Mr. Eric Tian(Export Dept.
Tel: 86-537-3256421
Fax: 86-537-3256425
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