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  • Operating Table (Aegistab OP850)

    Operating Table (Aegistab OP850)
    . Metal piece made from stainless steel, anti-rust, easy to clean. Integrated with rechargeable battery which can run for about 15 days afte...
  • Anesthesia Machine (Aeon7800A)

    Anesthesia Machine (Aeon7800A)
    The first Chinese anesthesia workstation comply with USA standard; Suitable for neonate, pediatric and adult; Flowmeter backlight and bright...
  • LED Operating Light (Purelit OL9570/50)

    LED Operating Light (Purelit OL9570/50)
    Adopt the international advanced LED as a lighting lamp. Environmental protection, low power consumption long life LED bulbs, more than 20, ...
  • Aeon Anesthesia Machine (7700A)

    Aeon Anesthesia Machine (7700A)
    -Aeon7700A -. CE marked, meet EU clinical requirement. Suitable for neonate, pediatric & adult. Meet low flow requirement be multi param...
  • Ceiling Pendant and Bridge

    Ceiling Pendant and Bridge
    . Thousands times torsion, burden test, ensure optimum satefy. Integrated High strength pendant and arm made of aluminium with anti-rust tre...
  • Anesthesia Machine (Aeon7400A)

    Anesthesia Machine (Aeon7400A)
    Aeon 7400A Anesthesia Machine Volume control and manual mode For adult and paediatric LED display Alloy frame are featured by its light weig...
  • Anesthesia Machine (Aeon7500A)

    Anesthesia Machine (Aeon7500A)
    With CE certificate, Aeon7500A is the best anaethesia machine Aeonmed has developed and manufactured. It has a top-light system and a strong...
  • Ventilator (SHANGRILA510)

    Ventilator (SHANGRILA510)
    Shangrila510 is the first ventilator that has been accredited with CE certificate in China. It has also passed a series of rigorous tests or...
  • Infusion Pump (EPUMP500)

    Infusion Pump (EPUMP500)
    Large LCD screen, all data synchronized displayed, easy to operate Auto-controlled multiple KVO function, prevent IV block effectively. More...
  • Ventilator (SHANGRILA590)

    Ventilator (SHANGRILA590)
    10.4"TFT color screen Ventilation mode: A/C, SIGH, SIMV(SIMV+PSV), SPONT+PSV CPAP, More Product Features Trademark: aeonmed Model NO.: ...
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